Everything You Need To Know About Push Presents

What is a Push Present?

A push present, which is also called a push gift, is something that a woman receives from her partner, family, or even friends after giving birth to celebrate the occasion. With men getting more involved in their partner’s pregnancy, it is not surprising for them to show a little bit of appreciation the whole time the mother is carrying the baby in her womb and even after that.

Kylie Jenner has reportedly been gifted a very expensive ring from Travis Scott. Credits Instagram

These gifts are sometimes given a few weeks before delivery to make the mother feel happy and loved before going through a challenging but rewarding time. But most of the time, it is given after. It is also not uncommon for these gifts to be given in the delivery room. There are a couple of things to consider the best time to give these presents such as if the mom is going to have a C-section which means, she will need more time to recover.

Jewelry is the most common form of gift, specifically an eternity ring. However, it can be almost anything from a personalized card, handbags, shoes, or even some of the luxury items.

It is important to consider what the expectant mother would appreciate and what is appropriate for the occasion.

History – When Did it Start and Became a Thing

There is no exact point in time to determine when it started. In fact, people started giving gifts as simple as flowers even decades earlier. The first time the term “push present” was used in media was back in 1992 by author Karen Heller, however, it did not gain any traction at that time.

But this trend started to become a thing after famous celebrities surprising their partners with lavish gifts between 2007 and 2010.

In 2011, Mariah Carey received a necklace made from pink and white diamonds that says Moroccan and Monroe after giving birth to their twins.

Love And Support

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Also, a few years back, Sean Lowe also gave his wife and reality star, Catherine Giudici Lowe a 2-carat rose gold band embedded with over 100 small diamonds around it. His idea was to match it with her rose gold diamond wedding band which is highly creative and thoughtful.

Statistics And Survey

In 2004, a pregnancy website called BabyCenter, conducted a survey of 30,000 women and these are the results:

  • 38% of new moms got a push gift
  • 16,500 of pregnant moms in the survey were hoping to get one
  • 40% of both groups above did not want anything else more than their newborn

How much should you spend?

The first question should be: Is it really necessary to give one?

The Answer is NO. But if you have a little extra money on the side, your partner would greatly appreciate it. Also, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg as you can easily find one that is romantic and personal at less than $100.

There is no hard rule as to what kind or how much should it cost. It all depends on many factors such as personal preference and financial aspect. Think what kind of things that make her really happy whether it is a new pair of shoes or a purse. Also, if there is something that she had been eyeing for weeks but just could not buy it, it would really be a good idea if you surprise her with it.

Popular gifts right now are personalized jewelry that are sentimental and affordable. You can have the name of your baby engraved on it, or even include yours and your wife’s. There are also necklaces that come with a message which is perfect for the occasion.

Teigen buying her own practical push present—a perineal irrigation bottle. Credit: Getty Images

Your number 1 priority right now is the baby and you have to make sure that you can provide everything that your newborn needs.

This trend did not go without some public criticisms, that it was created by marketers and capitalists to increase their sales just like other gift-giving occasions such as Valentine’s Day and even Christmas. However, there is no evidence pointing that giving a push present was created by big jewelry makers.

Do dads should get one as well?

Definitely, not.

The term “push present” was coined because pregnant mother’s “push” when giving birth. It is one of the most painful and gruelling moment that women have to endure. Hence, the present is a way to gift them for their hard work and sacrifice.

Now, men do not actually do the “pushing”, but they are still there to give support. So, in a way, they can also get a different kind of gift.

There are times when both the couple get one gift for both of them. And sometimes their friends would also give the father of the child a gift as simple as a mug as he too, made a lot of sacrifices and will surely be having a lot of sleepless nights.

What are your thoughts on PUSH PRESENTS? Let us know below.

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